Know you are in the loving presence of God.   Rest in God’s loving presence.

Ask God to show you what he’d like you to see in this prayer.

  Gratitude.    What are you grateful for today?   When did you recognize love?   When were you able to offer love.  Thank God for these gifts.

  Review Your Day. Recall the movements of your day. Play through the scenes in your head… like watching a DVD. Notice the changing of your emotions, moods. Notice where there was love, and where there was not.

  Reconcile.  Think of times when you didn’t feel your best.  When was love missing from your heart?  Did you feel the invitation to be loving and ignore it?  Could you have been more loving with yourself?  Tell God about what comes to mind. Ask God for forgiveness.

  Look forward to the future. Tell God about what you have coming up. What do you need from God? With what do you need God’s help?  With whom do you need God’s help?  Where do you need God’s grace to love?  Tell God about anything and everything that comes to mind.

Conclude with an Our Father.


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