Know you are in the holy presence of God.  Tell God about what is going on with you right now–how you are feeling physically, emotionally.   Ask God to show you what he’d like you to see in this prayer.

  Gratitude.  Spend some time looking over your day with gratitude for God’s gifts.  What are you grateful for today?  What gave you an experience of joy?  Enjoy.  Thank God with your heart.

  Review Your Day. Recall the movements of your day. Play through the scenes in your head… like watching a DVD. Notice the changing of your emotions, moods. Notice where there was true joy, and where there was not.

 Contrition.  Think of times when you acted against God’s work in your heart.  Where was there a lacking of honesty and courage to do something God was drawing you to?  Was there an invitation to forgiveness, mercy, or love that you didn’t respond to?  (This contrition and sorrow is not a shame nor a depression at our weakness but a faith experience as we grow in our realization of our dear God’s awesome desire that we love with every ounce of our being. *)Tell God about these.  Mention how it feels to notice these. Offer an apology.

  Look forward to the future. Tell God about what you have coming up.  Have a heart to heart talk with Jesus. What do you need from God? With what do you need God’s help?  With whom do you need God’s help? What else do you need?  Tell God about anything and everything that comes to mind.  **

Conclude with an “Our Father.”

* – Resources from

**Saint Paul in this whole passage from the Letter to the Philippians (3:7–14) expresses well the spirit of this conclusion of the formal examen: “I leave the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead I go straight for the goal.” (3:13–14) – See more at:

Another Advent Examen can be found by clicking here.


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