Know you are in the holy presence of God.  Where are you?  How are you feeling? God is always with you. How do you feel about that? Be honest. Ask God to show you what he’d like you to see in this prayer.

  Gratitude.  Spend some time looking over your day with gratitude for God’s gifts.  Where did you feel peace today?  When did you feel peace today? Through whom have you encountered peace today?  Where were you able to offer peace?  When were you able to offer peace?  To whom were you able to offer peace?  Pause to thank God for all that comes to mind (and maybe some that doesn’t).

  Review Your Day.
Recall the movements of your day. Play through the scenes in your head… like watching a DVD. Notice the changing of your moods. Notice where there was peace, and where there was not.

 Notice Failings.
Where did you not feel your best?  Where did you feel that you turned away from peace?  Did you have motives that weren’t peaceful?  Was there a moment or a situation that you chose not to love, you went against peace, where you failed to offer peace to others? Did you fail to be peaceful with yourself? Tell God about these.  Mention how it feels to notice these. Offer an apology.

  Look forward to the future. Tell God about what you have coming up in the coming hours, or in the following day (or days, etc.).  Have a heart to heart talk with Jesus. What do you need from God? Where do you need God’s help with peace?  Where do you need God’s help to act in peace?  Where do you need God’s help to be at peace? Where do you need help to be peaceful to yourself?  Tell God about anything and everything that comes to mind.

Conclude with an “Our Father.”

…”in the Hebrew language ‘shalom'(peace, and the peace that Jesus would have talked about) is not just the mere cessation of hostilities.  It is a positive thing–the achievement of the highest good for everyone, a kind of flourishing.  So we are called not just to cease our hatred, but to love, actively, and work for the good of all, to work for a just world in which all can flourish.” —Fr. James Martin

***Note:  I have been praying for years with the help of the Daily Examen prayer and have combined the wisdom of many versions within this version.  The following are sites that offer this prayer:  or

Peace be with You.


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